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1. In customer normal storage, maintenance, use conditions, by product manufacturing quality problem and not normal use, provide 3 packets (warranty, baotui, proven) service.
2 after receiving quality information feedback, within 24 hours, and put forward disposal idea do 100 hours arrived on the scene to deal with problems, wait for normal operation, then analyze the causes and ascertain responsibility.
3. For products provide the necessary technical documents and product qualification certificate.
4. According to the customer demand or agreement to provide timely equipment, spare parts and the installation, commissioning, maintenance services to customers and related technical training for personnel.
5. Large projects, according to the requirements of the tender documents shall organize production, testing, inspection and cooperate with customer site acceptance.
Six, in strict accordance with the IS09001 standard organization raw materials, spare parts purchasing and production, inspection.

Customers in the use of products in the process, such as the discovery of product not normal use, can immediately to the marketing center after-sale service consulting, will use product type, specification, use environment and fault, purchase date and service requirements for details. Deals in after service department propose, still cannot be solved, decide again send someone or other measures.

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