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source:???? time:2012-2-21 11:10:40

Polyurethane Plastic Products (UMP) from mining and a separate agreement, the development of the two major shows pipe coating applications. Konkola deep mining project Zambiaâ ? ™ counties, steel pipe, backfill km of a waste facility 7 years 7 years will be sorted. The second contract, wet ash handling W now, Eskom power lines, including pipe coating.

Approximately two contracts with a value of R14 million for the county he finds exclusive polyurethane coating for UMPA ? ™ Red Line. Last year, delegates UMP oven capacity of 30 of the order and return to the top and the red line on the line every day the length of the Konkola contract for other programs.

Since the Konkola deep pipeline protection, we have the largest liner, âSeamless Steel Pipe ? is taken? ? 24 stated that the Forest UMP . This is a rare earth, the company supplies and backfill, including the crackling line delivery device, we 2335th Adjust the length of

Konkola deep high-pressure pipe fittings and pipeline coatings, we have removed a very, â ? combining some of the possibilities and must be accurate to avoid? ? To Carolyn. All of the channel lining of the strict quality control and verification code can be changed, including for each entry in the waste pipeline ?? ? He said. Konkola deep mining project, please visit the little county Konkolaâ ? ™ is to find rich ore body operating under the current copper production and new production in Wells 1, 4  90m depth, including 23 years of my life will be extended.

The maintenance and pipe replacement, in order to avoid the time, decided to take protective wear, easy to Burgundy needs scum can build the pipeline. 10-year extension of the minimum gas Redlineâ ? ™ is very low coefficient of friction, in order to reduce pumping of groundwater faecal reduce energy consumption costs, reduce the ton of ore mined can be economically. UMP is the first company in South Africa, President Steyn Mine did not pay attention led tube to backfill the pipeline in 1980, mainly in the following order, depending on the tube a few other mines have been filled lines.

1990 Vaal reefs lined the red line of the pipe should now start character clothing. This product has been applied not only bend the camera to the T-type elements of the quarter, and also slowing down. Red Line to work with other programs, store chains, pipe fittings, boxes, beds, cyclone underflow, plants, sand, gravel and washing facilities management, pulp, paper and sugar added. 

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