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Features stainless steel pipe fittings industry
source:???? time:2012-2-21 11:09:49
  Mengcun stainless steel pipe fittings industry began in the last century, seventies, eighties and nineties began to grow and achieve leapfrog development in recent years. Has gone through the initial workshop-style, large-scale expansion, industrial development and upgrading of the century speed four stages.

        Stainless steel pipe fittings industry in Mengcun the formation and development, growth, the effective guidance and strength to promote critical. Especially in recent years, the county party, the government vigorously implement the "featured the county, open Xingxian, industrial county," three major strategies, give full play to the role of the government and the visible hand of the policy advantages of autonomous, has formulated "on the whole backbone enterprises to protect the county's decision to support "," further encouraged to support the views of private economic development "," on the improvement of economic development provisions, "such as a series of preferential policies to a large investment in large-scale construction for the power, focus all human, material and financial resources to support pipe fittings industry developments, and quality service, fast work environment "high" so that stainless steel pipe fittings industry characteristics quickly from the industrial advantage advantage to change out of the expanded reproduction of a content-type development road . 

        Dominating in the country in population size, while nurturing stainless steel pipe fittings "Big Mac" for the big project. Through education, "leading", the construction group, increased integration of resources and efforts within the industry, and efforts to introduce modern management system and operational mechanism, so that production from the "small and complete" to the "great spirit" and change from single to multiple products changes to further develop industry cluster effect. Is to build large projects from the development platform since 2003, planning and construction of the area of 900 hectares in the hope that the new district, the district now wants 45 new companies, the investment exceeds 10 million, 43, of which over 6 million home. Qualification standards for these enterprises, productivity, product quality and other aspects are achieved in the same industry leading level, led the county stainless steel pipe fittings industry, incremental and quality and to create both "over and over grass", with "Great Big tree "a good trend. 

        As of 2005, the county stainless steel pipe fittings business development to 1210, employing five people, the county's 126 villages and 74 village elbow pipe-related industries, and the formation of 8 Industrial Area, where Sim large pipe fittings market in trading of more than 2.8 billion, is one of the largest capital goods market. pipe fittings industry breakthrough in the total assets of 3.0 billion, the tax will total more than 70% of revenue, from stainless steel pipe fittings industry, per capita income reached 1,680 yuan, rural per capita net income accounts for more than 60%.
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